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Emergency First Aid at Work

1 day course (or 6 hours) This is our most popular course as most businesses/groups require named first aiders. Our course covers a full range of topics such as the recovery position, CPR, choking and minor injuries. As a group booking this course has the flexibility to include other elements free of charge that you feel would be relevant to you. For more information on what is included in this course please refer to our Course Contents guide.

Annual Refresher

3 hour course We recommend annual refreshers for all our courses as your knowledge and confidence can fade with time.This year a refresher is more important than ever as there are some major changes with regards to treatment to bleeds being implemented alongside other alterations to first aid procedures. The 3 hour session is designed to help you become more confident with the skills you have previously been taught alongside making you aware of any important changes which have been implemented since your certification.

First On Scene

3 hour course (or 18 hours) This is a very popular course for people who don't wish to gain a formal qualification, but would like a basic knowledge of all of the main first aid issues you are likely to come across. The course covers the recovery position, CPR, choking and minor injuries.

First Aid at Work

3 hour course This is a more in-depth course than the Emergency First Aid at Work, and covers everything you will ever need to know in a first aid situation. It is often completed by people who want to ensure that they are fully competent for example your main first aider in charge. The course covers an additional 2 days of content to the emergency first aid at work qualification due to this. The course not only teaches you what to do in each situation but also gives you the knowledge of why it happens and therefore allows you to make a better judgement of how to treat the injury. Please be aware that we do not advise this course for under 16s, given the complexity and graphic nature of the content.

First Aid at Work Requalification

2 day course This course is only suitable for those who have previously completed the first aid at work course. Your previous certification must be valid within 1 month of completing this course. During your time with us we will update you with any changes to legislation alongside reminding you of any of the skills/knowledge you may need to brush up on.

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

1 day course This course is perfect for people who want to know the basics in first aid for babies and children. It can often be used as a complimentary part of a childcare qualification and is also great for new parents. It covers all of the basic skills you may need in an emergency situation with a baby or child including CPR, choking and seizure management.

Paediatric First Aid

2 day course This is a much more in depth look at first aid for children and babies and is important if you are running a business that deals with babies or children under 10. The course delivers all of the essentials plus additional information such as treating bites and stings, electric shocks, head and spinal injuries, diabetes etc.

School/group first aid (variable costs)

Whether it's whole staff training and CPD you require or a session to be delivered to students to compliment a sports or childcare qualification - First 4 First aid can deliver your training needs. Please speak to one of our friendly staff for a no-pressure quotation for your needs.


1 day course Many places of work and indeed public spaces now have the use of an automated external defibrillator machine. This session uses a functional demonstration model which you can practice with so that if the event should occur you are familiar with the procedure and feel more confident in your abilities to help. Coupled with the the use of a resuscitation doll to learn the life saving practice of CPR this session gives you the information and skills needed to save lives.