Reimagine a Festival

On Saturday, September 10, 2022, we started the journey of reimaging what the festival component of SHAKESPEARE ON THE GREEN could be for years to come!

Gathering some of our donors at our offices, we spent three hours exploring the broad outlines of what a festival might look, smell, and feel like from when you arrive to when you leave! So many great ideas and moments of inspiration were shared! One thing stood out: the festival itself needs to be a signature event of SHAKESPEARE ON THE GREEN, not simply an addendum to the production.

As we move forward over these next few months and do the hard and difficult work of reimagining and redesigning our signature programs – SHAKESPEARE ON THE GREEN, CAMP SHAKESPEARE, and FALL EDUCATIONAL TOUR – so that they align with our vision, mission, and values, we do so in partnership with our family and friends! Also, we do this to “dare greatly” in being transformational so that our future impact becomes visible, achievable, and lasting.

The truth is simple; change is what is required for all living things; it is how we grow and become, it is how we adapt to what we learn and it is never easy. Change can be incremental ( a little bit at a time) or it can be bold, intentional, and focused. (dare to make significant changes that move you forward). Our bold, transformational 10-year vision requires us to be intentional and focused, leading from the future, and learning from the past.

As we use the balance of 2022 to reimagine our signature programs and create a frame of understanding for the next three years, we will continue to engage our family, friends, and community throughout the process. Nebraska Shakespeare is not about a few staff, it is about Nebraska and what we can do collectively!