"The acting was fantastic, my students were on the edge of their chairs, mesmerized by the performance."

- Rhonda Sparks, Gretna Middle School, 2019 

"I felt the performance, action, adaptation and production were professional and educational for the students of LHS. I felt the students were engaged by the performance and the talk back session. I had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed the staging and acting of the performance. Thanks again for coming!" Justin Holbein, Lincoln High School, 2019

Shakespeare's plays were meant to be experienced through performance. From The Globe Theatre in London to a small classroom on the plains of Nebraska, Shakespeare should be actively engaged with on a personal and relatable level. It is only by experiencing Shakespeare’s genius through the delivery of performance, no matter how polished or rehearsed, can we truly uncover the humanity, honesty, and humor of his text.

All Nebraska Shakespeare education programs strive to increase the appreciation of Shakespeare’s language and his deep understanding of human love, loss, and joy. Off the page. On the stage. Into life.

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