Hear ye, hear ye, Saturday, April 23, 2016,  
has been proclaimed as Talk Like Shakespeare Day 
across the state of Nebraska!
        "Talk Like" in Omaha, Nebraska - The Durham Museum
Arrive early to celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday with Cake (at 1 PM )
Free Museum Admission if you arrive before 2 PM.

Workshops 2 PM - 3 PM 
"Words.  Words.  Words."  Participants explore Shakespeare's text gaining  a better understanding of each word's meaning. This hands-on, active, workshop will be asking students to perform their own interpretation of Shakespeare's text. (20 min)
"Carving the Fashion of a New Character" Participants will explore the basics of acting through Shakespeare style costumes. Students will discover how different costumes can help create a physical life for Shakespeare's characters. (20 min)
"I Bite My Thumb" Introduction to stage combat. Participants will learn the basics tools needed for stage combat.  The emphasis of this workshop will be on control, safety, and trust. No prior fight experience is needed. (20 min)  

From 10 AM  - Inside & Outside
"Nebraska Shakespeare Table" 
Lots of materials to hand out. Masks,cheat sheets, fun buttons & more. 
"10th Street Sidewalk Chalk Art" 
Come early and help us create Chalk Art with drawings and your favorite Shakespeare quotes. East side of the Durham on 10th Street.

"Talk Like" in Hastings, Nebraska
Over the lunch hours at Hastings High School, students will have a chance to create their own personalized Shakespearean insults. Additionally, there will be Shakespearean quizzes with prizes for top scorers.

The Hastings Public Library will also have notecards available for library patrons to create their own Shakespeare insults to trade back and forth with each other.    


April 23 is the beginning of submissions for our 19th annual sonnet contest.
Entries from previous years have been inspiring. Share your creativeness.
Click HERE for More Information


The Durham Museum, Nebraska's host for the  
Be sure to visit the exhibit on Saturday