About On The Green

Each summer we produce two plays – typically one tragedy and one comedy - that run in repertory for three weeks.

Our performances have earned national recognition for consistently high-quality productions set in beautiful Elmwood Park and performed for enthusiastic audiences.

While material and talent costs continue to escalate, we have worked diligently to maintain the ability to offer these performances FREE OF ADMISSION to ensure financial accessibility for all. Through this cultural experience, people who ordinarily either would not or could not attend a Shakespeare play are able to discover the unique qualities that live theater provides.

Over the years, On the Green audiences have grown in attendance to over 20,000 each season. While the majority are from the Omaha metro area, upwards of 30% travel to the event from outside of Omaha’s Douglas County - including visitors from many states outside of Nebraska. A family from Sonoma, California, has yet to miss a single season!

Shakespeare on the Green offers a great chance for parents to introduce their children to the power and beauty of classical theatre, produced by a professional company of artists from across the country. We have had one wedding performed On the Green, Shakespeare on the Green is a “first date” destination for many, and we have discovered that our growth has been primarily based on first-hand testimonials and personal invitations to attend. We are happy to be a part of bringing together and strengthening our community; families, students, business and social clubs all come together to enjoy the experience.

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