Your favorite Shakespearean masterpieces performed in 120 seconds or less. In this hilarious, fast-paced program, actors take plays suggested by the audience to perform in under two minutes...or suffer the consequence.

The Comedy of Errors
Four people, two names; twins Antipholus and Antipholus and others twins Dromio and Dromio.  Shipwreck mixes up the two sets of twins, who turn Ephesus upside down.

Hamlet plans revenge against his murdering uncle. He kills his girlfriend's dad and she drowns herself.  Hamlet kills some more people and then dies.

Julius Caesar
Brutus and others plot against Caesar to to prevent him from becoming king.  A Soothsayer tells Caesar he'll be killed. It happens. Antony gets mad. War.  Many killed. 

King John
A French messenger thinks John should give up the throne to Arthur, but John doesn't want to. Both sides prepare to battle, but John is poisoned by a monk instead and France changes their mind.

Three old ladies tell Macbeth he'll be king. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth try to seize the throne. Macbeth kills Banquo, who then haunts him. Macduff kills Macbeth.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Oberon and Puck play a game of choose-your-own-lover with four couples in the woods. Someone is turned into an ass, another an ass-lover. Then they all live happily.

Much Ado About Nothing
Claudio loves Hero and Benedick hates Beatrice. Next Claudio hates Hero and Benedick loves Beatrice. Then everyone gets married...?
Iago gets mad at Othello and tries to get him arrested for dating Desdemona.  When this fails, he convinces Othello to smother her over a misplaced hanky.

Richard III
Richard is jealous of his brother Edward. He kills a lot of people and seizes the throne. Then everyone left kills Richard and takes the throne back.

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo loves Juliet and she thinks he's swell too.  Their parents get angry, they take bad advice from a priest, and end up dead.

The Taming of the Shrew
Lucentio loves Bianca, but can't marry her unless her shrew sister Katherine gets married first. Petruchio aims to "tame" Katherine, they fight a bit, and then everyone gets married.

The Tempest
Prospero uses magic to reclaim his dukedom from his brother Antonio and in the meantime (bonus!) 
finds a husband for his daughter, Miranda. 

Titus Andronicus
Bloody revenge in ancient Rome: Titus bakes people-pies to get revenge on Tamora for the defilement of his daughter, which was revenge for the death of Tamora's eldest son, which was revenge for Titus' sons killed in war.

Twelfth Night
Orsino loves Olivia, but Olivia loves Cesario, but Cesario is really Viola dressed as a dude, who also loves Orsino.