Hear ye, hear ye! Monday, April 23rd, is Talk Like Shakespeare Day!

April 23rd is Talk Like Shakespeare Day across the state! Nebraskans can celebrate the holiday by having fun with Shakespeare’s language. Scroll for videos, activities, events, and more!

1. Instead of you, say thou  or thee.

7. When in doubt emphasize your actions with the helping verb: “I do” (I do drink enough for two today, I do need you to take out the trash ).
2. Rhymed couplets  are all the rage.

3. Men are called Sirrah, ladies are Mistress, 
and your friends are all called 

8. To add weight to your opinions, try starting them with methinksmayhapsor wherefore.
4. Instead of cursing, try calling your tormentors jackanapes  or canker-blossoms  or poisonous bunch-back’d toads.

9. When wooing ladies: try comparing her to a summer’s day. If that fails, say “Get thee to a nunnery!”
5. Don’t waste time saying it, just use the letter “t” (t’is, t’will, I’ll do’t).

10. When wooing lads: try dressing up like a man. If that fails, throw him in the tower, banish his friends and claim the throne.
6. Verse  for lovers, prose  for ruffians, songs 
for clowns.