SUNDAY, JULY 9 at 2:00 PM 
The BLUEBARN Theatre (1106 S 10th St.)

A part of the Connect with Shakespeare series, Juno's Swans utilizes an all-female ensemble to explore Shakespeare’s characters and text through the feminine experience and outlook.

Juno's Swans performances and readings are complemented with a discussion with the artists and actors about the approach and gender perspectives of the play.

A "bottled spider".
A "rooting hog".
"Loathèd" and "detested".

Richard of Gloucester has been mocked, humiliated, and drastically underestimated. As a chameleon of manipulation, Richard transforms himself, spinning a bloody web in order to secure his royal ascension. In this Juno's Swans production, seventeen unique female voices will converge and weave together one of Shakespeare's most famous, malicious, and wrathful villains.