2011 Student Comments

Dear Nebraska Shakespeare Theater:


Thank you for the opportunity to view an outstanding performance by a grand symphony and talented actors. Although this was not our first time to experience a Shakespearean play performed by professional actors, it was our first time to watch a play with a symphony in the background. It was a creative idea and added much to the event. The music added more drama and created suspense.  The music enhanced the play very well.  We would like to have seen the whole play be reenacted to demonstrate the whole feel of Shakespeare’s tragedy, but overall it was great.



Taylor, Christian, & Michael, Whiting High School


“I like Music Alive! Romeo and Juliet and Prokofiev because it had a little bit of everything. It was funny in some parts, romantic and tragic in other parts. The music went along perfectly with the whole play. Thank you again.”

-McKayleigh, Waverly High School



“I really enjoyed the

play. The music from the symphony and the acting fit the

theme perfectly. You can tell because I had a very serious

face in the picture, for I was mesmerized. I would attend

the play again if I had the chance.”

-Peyton, Waverly High School



“Thank you for putting on a wonderful play. It was amazing. I hope you guys do the same next year for the freshmen. They will enjoy the play. Hope you guys have a wonderful year and good luck with any other plays you do.”

-Austin, Waverly HIgh School



“What I liked most about the play was how they cut the play. They made it work in the time that they had, which I thought was really cool!”

-Spencer, Waverly High School