Music Alive!
In partnership with the Omaha Symphony, 2012 was Nebraska Shakespeare’s sixth year participating in Music Alive! The symphony played selections from Sergei Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, interspersed with scenes from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.


Performed at the Holland Performing Arts Center, the entire performance is 50 minutes long, with 25 minutes of music and 25 minutes of scenes. 

This year's performances took place on February 01, 2012, for Middle and High School students from Eastern Nebraska. This year's program included a question-and-answer session following each performance where Ernest Richardson, the conductor, moderated and fielded questions from the students.



Vincent (director) and Sarah Carlson-Brown (Associate Artistic Director / Education), Veronica Benton, and Gage Wallace (Romeo and Juliet) were on stage to answer questions about Romeo & Juliet, this production, their work as artists, and more.

Music Alive! Cast:

Alan Brincks

Lord Capulet


Sarah Brown

Lady Capulet


Vincent Carlson

Lord Montague


Konrad Case



Faith Fossett



Bill Grennan



Lauren Krupski



Brendan JD Reilly

Fr. Lawrence


Dan Tracy



Matt King




Music Alive! Team

Vincent Carlson-Brown


Sarah Carlson-Brown



Wesley A. Houston

Production Manager


Lindsay Pape

Costume Designer