Macbeth Over Midnight

Join Nebraska Shakespeare and The Shakespeare Collective on July 5th, 2016, as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Shakespeare On The Green with a one-night only event: Macbeth Over Midnight

Unlike the 13 regularly scheduled Shakespeare On The Green performances, Macbeth Over Midnight will be presented in darkness-the play starts at 11:00 PM-from beginning to end, allowing for heightened theatricality and intensified supernatural elements. 

The night will start at 9 PM and feature great food from Prairie Fire Pizzaa beer garden co-hosted by Brickway Brewery, and pre-show entertainment including performers on stilts, juggling, glowing acts, as well as musical performance by

Macbeth Over Midnight will be presented Admission Free.

Macbeth is directed by Artistic Director, Vincent Carlson-Brown:

Macbeth is a play about alienation in an amoral world, whose hero finds himself isolated by his visions, and from those around him. He discovers that hell is not a place elsewhere, but the nightmare within. We are in an imagined world: Where the Thanes of Scotland reside, juxtaposed, next to the ghosts of Japan. Where the tenets of tribal warfare mix with the principles of the Samurai. Where the monarchy of Shakespeare’s dramatic tragedy mingles its tale with Eastern mysticism.” 

Shakespeare On The Green is located at the upper end of Elmwood Park. The entrance is 
just South of UNO’s Bell Tower. For more information, call 402.280.2391.