SUNDAY, APRIL 22, at 3:00 PM
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Part of the Connect with Shakespeare series, the Director's Reading explores the signature lines, major moments, and compelling characterizations of Shakespeare's lesser known works.

A part of the Shakespeare Apocrypha, Edward III was published anonymously in 1596. It was first attributed to Shakespeare in a bookseller's catalogue published in 1656. In 1996, Yale University Press became the first major publisher to produce an edition of the play under Shakespeare's name. Shortly afterward, the Royal Shakespeare Company performed the play. In 2001, the American professional premiere was staged by Pacific Repertory Theatre

A consensus is emerging that the play was written by a team of dramatists including Shakespeare early in his career – but exactly who wrote what is still open to debate. William Montgomery edited the play for the Second Edition of the Complete Oxford Shakespeare in 2005, where it is attributed to "William Shakespeare and Others"'.

Join us as Artistic Director, Vincent Carlson-Brown, and a team of talented actors explore the text and discuss the debate in authorship.