A Midsummer Night's Dream On Tour - Promo Photos
The Mechanicals: Peter Quince (Raydell Cordell III), Snug (Bianca Phipps), Bottom (Katie Becker Colón), Francis Flute (Matthew R. Olsen), and Robin Starveling (Sarah Brown).
Puck (Abraham Ntonya)
The Mechanicals: Snug (Bianca Phipps), Robin Starveling (Sarah Brown), Francis Flute (Matthew R. Olsen), and Bottom (Katie Becker Colón)

Puck (Abraham Ntonya), Overon (Josh Ryan), TItania (Sarah Vishnev), and Fairy (Katie Becker Colón).

Oberon (Josh Ryan) and Demetria (Sarah Brown).

Titania (Sarah Vishnev) and Bottom (Katie Becker Colón).
Oberon (Josh Ryan) and Titania (Sarah Vishnev).
Lysandre (Bianca Phipps), Helenus (Matthew R. Olsen), and Demetria (Sarah Brown).