Testimonials from the On Tour production of Julius Caesar

"I really enjoyed the play because it just looks like you guys put in so much work by how deep and serious you guys were in your roles. I'm really not into this type of thing but you guys made it worthwhile to see!"
Brady, student at Boy's Town

"We are grateful for your time and your interpretations! If all of Shakespeare could be so enhanced for us (smiley face) our lives would be much richer! Thanks"
Marsha Kalkowski, English teacher, Marian High School

". . . I have never seen a tragedy before and when I saw Caesar killed I felt that I was there. . . .hope to see you again." Chris, student at Boy's Town

"Thank you so much for bringing the production of Julius Caesar to our school! It was very cool and interesting. We were so enthralled the entire time. We were so glad that we got to see this amazing portrayal of Julius Caesar. The costumes were so interesting and the way the positions were switched in the role of good and bad. Thanks Again!"
Latin II Class, Marian High School

". . . It was the best play I have ever seen in my life. Thank you very much."
Jesus, student at Wegner Middle School

"We appreciate your amazing performance, it was very noticeable that you put a lot of time in your work. The part where Julius Caesar was stabbed was well played out. Cassius also did an amazing job."
DreZon, student at Boy's Town

"Thank you for coming to Marian to perform Julius Caesar. I loved the play and the modern twist you put on it. Thank you for all your enthusiasm. I also truly enjoyed the workshops. Thanks for all the tips on getting into character. Please come back again!"
Lindsay, student at Marian High School

". . . the play was amazing. I really liked the whole story plot and everything about the play. I liked how the ghost of Caesar came back and killed everyone who betrayed him in the end. My favorite character was Cassius. I liked him because he was the mastermind of the whole thing to kill Caesar. He was very intelligent, keen, soulful and reflective. . .   I think you should be called in to do all the plays because of how good you can act"
Spencer, student at Boy's Town

"Thank you all for showing us that magnificent performance! I really am considering drama now for my future. . ."
Chelsea, student at Boy's Town

". . . It was fun to watch. I really liked the part when you cam down in the audience and were talking back and forth to the characters on stage. It was also funny when Brutus fell in lover with the girl and they were kissing on stage."
Stefan, student at Wegner Middle School

"Thank you for taking your time to entertain us. We loved every single second of the play. The energy, enthusiasm was electrifying."
student from Boy's Town

"Thank you very much for coming to Boys Town. You all did a great job doing Julius Caesar, and I loved the Q & A. Also I enjoyed how you used girls for both male and female roles."
Josie, student at Wegner Middle School

". . . Absolutely better than any other version. Thanks"
Noah, student from Boy's Town

". . .The play was phenomenal! It really helped me understand the story better! The workshop was a blast also! I learned a lot! (Thou lewd, eye offending, canker-sore! ) Thanks Again!"
Kellyn, student at Marian High School

". . . We really appreciated seeing a live play of Julius Caesar! It was very entertaining ;pus also eye opening. It very much caught our interest in all ways. Plus thanks for answering our questions and giving us your background in theater." DeAaron, student at Boy's Town

". . . I have a better understanding of it now that I have seen the actual play. It will really help me for when I read Shakespeare next time. Thank you!"
Erin, student at Marian High School

"Thank you so much for the Brilliant Shakespeare Performance. The actors were spectacular and the props were magnificent. I've read Julius Caesar twice, and each time I picked up new things. The performance made me understand more of what I was reading and now I get the plot ten times better. I really look forward to seeing another play by you guys!! Thanks again!"
Alyssa, student at Boy's Town

". . . I loved the way you interpreted the scene where Casca imitated the crowning of Caesar. I also had a lot of fun at the words, words, words workshop! Thanks again."
Molly, student at Marian High School

". . . I haven't ever seen live theater before. You guys made it very interesting and fun to watch. You are all so good, you could be on TV! Your performances were really great! . . . My favorite actor was Brutus. He took his part very seriously and showed that he thought things out very carefully before making a decision. I also like the part of the play where the actor was demonstrating Caesar denying the crown three times. He was very funny! I know you guys worked hard to memorize your parts and to put on such a great play. It was really worth it! Now I can say that I say the play "Julius Caesar." I hope that you guys will come again."
Kenneth, student at Wegner Middle School

". . . it did really mean a lot to all of us. thank you"
Dillon, student at Boy's Town

". . . I loved being able to see it acted out on stage and your interpretation was really cool! The Stage Combat Workshop was awesome and really fun!"
Jenna, student at Marian High School

". . . I really enjoyed the part of the play when you were sword fighting with the real metal swords. You really had to be careful so no one would get hurt, that made me a little nervous. . . Thank you again for coming to our school."
Nick, student at Wegner Middle School

". . . I really enjoyed how much energy was put into the play."
Alejandro, student at Boy's Town

". . . I really liked the part when you guys had a battle on stage with the seven people. The swords and shields made it sound very real. I also liked when we got to ask questions and you told us about your own lives and how you became actors and actresses."
Cody, student at Wegner Middle School

"I really appreciated for the time you've spent with us. The play I thought was really clear. I've read Julius Caesar once before and I couldn't quite remember the book but from watching you guys all was recollected. The most significant part of the play was the setup. I love the broke statues and the painting of Julius face. Thanks again hopefully you can come back."
Matt, student at Boy's Town

". . . It was such a great interpretation and helped me better understand what I am learning. You guys are amazing actors and I appreciate you performing for us!"
Meredith, student at Marian High School

". . . The play was great. I have read it before in English class but you guys really bring it to life. I was impressed . . . acting like romans and really playing the parts well. Thanks again!"
Joshua, student at Boy's Town

"Thank you for bringing your very talented troupe of actors to entertain the students of Boys Town. We so enjoyed the presentation of Julius Caesar. Most of our kids have never had the opportunity to experience anything of this sort. We appreciate you making it possible for them. The boys and girls loved it and will be talking about the performance for some time."
Cathy DeSalvo, Principal, Wegner Middle School

"Dear Shakespeare Crew, . . . We're learning about him in History Class and I didn't really understand, but now I do. Thanks for making it clear."
Nyalat, student at Boy's Town

It was an engaging and effective performance. My students ended up with an excellent understanding of Julius Caesar. The pre-performance workshops aided in their comprehension . . . The play was more than what I expected.
Jennifer Henry, Teacher, Arapahoe Public Schools