In 2010, The Nebraska Shakespeare On Tour '10 production of Romeo and Juliet, directed

    by A. Bryan Humphrey, comprised of six professional actors: 

    Alan Brincks, Sarah Lynn Brown, Vincent Carlson, Faith Fossett, Matt King,

    and Danielle Smith. The Carlson-Browns also served as our Company Managers with

    Wesley A. Houston as Stage Manager.

Nebraska Shakespeare’s tour ensemble reached students from 27 middle and high schools in Nebraska and Iowa, including many underserved communities where a professional production of Shakespeare, with the beauty and richness of his plays, has not been experienced or made available. 
In addition, we held 5 community performances in the region and conducted 11 sets of workshops.


Over 6600 students and 650 adults saw our production of Romeo and Juliet and/or participated in our educational workshops. The response our company received was overwhelming and gratifying. 
Beth Briney, a teacher from Lincoln’s Science focus “Zoo School” program said, “This is a highlight of our year!”

One Bellevue High School student commented, “I thought this was a very good performance because in Shakespeare it is hard to understand, and this play was easily understood through the acting.” Another Bellevue student said, “I had never seen Romeo and Juliet as a play. I only read the script and saw the movie. It was a lot easier to understand this way, and it was fun to boot.”