A record 220 sonnets were submitted for the 20th annual Sonnet Writing Contest. The following sonnets were selected as our winners.

Middle School Division Winner

Colors of Life

By Emma Kanne, Grade 8

Gretna Middle School

Teacher: Lori A. Wewel

High School Division Winner

A Watercolor Horizon

By Hannah Manoj, Grade 12

Papillion LaVista High School

Teacher: Carly Sire

Adult Division Winner


By Diane Coffin

Omaha, NE

Everyone grows up unmasking new things

Tis’ something that you will want to achieve

You learn that nature has a lot to bring.

Amazing things that you will soon unweave

You seek that all the green leaves late in fall

Change colors and flutter to the hard ground

‘Oft the bright orange rays in the sunset call

Upon the faraway stars all around.

But what if’t be true, everything was gray?

No vivid tone nature sets right in place

No rise of the sun marking a new day

No sparkling snowfalls of the stars in space

In order to obtain the color back,

People joyous will make life glow through black.

A deep blue sea below a painted sky,

The melted cobalt glass oasis stands.

With em’rald palm trees that appear to fly,

And detailed castles made of velvet sands.

The golden yellow brushstrokes stain the base.

And pumpkin orange that creates a glow;

With blushing rose cascading through the space,

A subtle lilac stream begins to flow.

And tangy salt that coats the tranquil shores;

A thousand waves, they hit the jagged stones.

With strangled cries, the waves release their roars.

The tides wage war, relinquish shattered bones.

At last, the flaming sun completes its dive.

Now charcoal black and silver moon will thrive.

There is a place where darkness falls to black,
Anticipation builds to something keen
And quiet murmurs fade to silence rapt:
Soon lights will rise upon a waiting scene.

Behind the scenes, the players wait their time,
For soon they’ll strut and fret upon the stage.
They stretch both limbs and voice, and seek to find
The part they’ll play - in heart, in mind, on page.

Out in the house the watchers watch the rise
Of draping curtains lifting high above;
They wait for words, for stories and for lies
Sublime, and tales of tragedy and love.

Both those who watch and those who play know right
That lights will rise, that dark precedes delight.

Honorable Mentions:


By Christopher Malkasyan, Grade 7

St. Gregory Hovsepian School

Hello, my dearest and my loving dove.

I have come to see you, my bell flower.

You fly off to wonderland, my prized love,

But you leave me by the very hour.

However, the gorgeous feathers you hold,

I cannot believe how well and merry

You’ve become in my heart of solid gold.

I love the way you soar, but I worry.

If I’m alone, I’m lost, what will I be?

No one will sing a melody with me.

I cannot chirp and sing without a bee.

So please, do not be afraid and go flee!

I’m a good person, ma’am, with a good tone too!

All I wish is too sing a song with you.

Reach the Light

By Kevin Gomez-Franco, Grade 12

Ralston High School

If I could only touch the shining sun

Compelling energy within my hands,

This power that will make me fly and run

To go discover the awaited lands

To find that home where I can live and last

Become the one immortal and supreme

And not be alone like I was in the past

To dominate and rule beyond the dream

If I could only reach the shining light

And feel the glorious flame of heat that burns

The moon and I would dance all night

Before the sun comes back, and I return

I might then die, and live no more

And leave no sign of what I was before

Love of Soccer

By Alexander Mnatsakanian, Grade 6

St. Gregory Hovsepian School

There is a sport I love. On grass, I play.

I kick the white ball. ""What a goal, Hurray!""

With the ball at my feet, dribbling away.

I tackle, I fake, I slide like a sleigh.

The only destructive part about it

I get hit in the head. My concussion

Takes me to bed. I feel dead in a pit.

I start having a weird conversation.

Even though it is bad, I still love you;

I've so many Nike branded shin guards.

I have many cleats, maybe one or two.

Every day I play like Jesse Lingard.

It's like I found love from a treasure chest.

I play the game soccer; it is the best.

The Last Plantagenet

By Robert Ferdinand

Minneapolis, MN

In August, at late Summer's teeming height,

The last Plantagenet rode forth one day

Defying Fortune, rising to the fight

And risking all in battle's bloodied fray.

He stood resolved, which course he must pursue

To stem the sham of Richmond's royal claim

A final thrust could see the battle through

To ride straight for The Tudor was his aim.

Surrounded by the pride of England's might

With heart set high he charged the foe pell-mell

Within the deepest folds of battle's fright

King Richard strove: he sought, he fought, he fell.

A King he lived and died, without regret-

On Bosworth Field the Sun in Splendor set.


By Taylor Wagner, Grade 12

Ralston High School

Unceasing thoughts roll through me day and night

Ideas crashing, roaring, in my head

And yet it seems impossible to write

Embarrassing- paper not touched by lead

An alphabet of twenty six letters

And endless combinations to be made

This must be easy for the go-getters

I see their words so beautifully displayed

How do I give a meaning to my words

Self expression- not a talent of mine

When will thoughts fly out of my mouth like birds

Instead of catching in my throat like twine

Away with tragic fear of being wrong

My words are magic, genuine, and strong

Sonnet on Lost Love

By Ruth Li

Logan, Utah

In dim recesses of entangled thought

Oft I chastise myself for spinning sin

I am compelled to let free strands I sought

To forget the beloved I cannot win!

A maddened voice then whispers to my ear:

“Be not lost in thy dreams and fantasies

The fragments that fade with each passing year

Entwined in golden threads of memories.”

Yet strands of sorrow stroke my softened soul

To tear the threads inflicts a wound of pain.

What would I give to mend the parts toward whole?

Our limbs were once enjoined as though‘twere twain.

The farther fate’s false strings fray us apart

The closer am I wedded to thy heart.