2010 Sonnet Contest Winners

Winner - High School Division
Kate Baxter - First Place, High School Division

Millard North High School, Grade 9

Jan Amidon, Teacher


Outside Our Gilded Cage


The written word, ascribed across the page,

Transfixes eyes with sudden clarity

Of lands and wonders past our gilded cage,

The sights outside our bars a rarity.


Daunting though this the quest may seem to be

The heroine fearlessly claws her way

Battling through pages of ferocity

And dialogue her feelings to betray.


Guy Fawkes may plot to overthrow a king,

While Astolat floats floats gently down a stream,

Ardwin battles with arm of feathered wing,

But all melt tamely into restful dream.


Books are the key to setting our world free

If only we the knowledge had to see.

Runners Up - High School Division
Samantha St. Clair - 2nd Place, High School Division

Millard North High School, Grade 9

Rhonda Betzold, Teacher


Sonnet for the Broken Hearted

At first it seems to be so full of light

And haunts the lonely hearts that would once gleam

It hurts them through the days and all the nights

For love is just imagination's dream


It pulls; it pushes all of those who need

The happiness they think that it will bring

The ones who know, the ones who cry and plead

That they were never under love's dark wing


A lover loves, a dreamer dreams, it's true,

But love and dreams both stay inside the mind

And all that follows them are tears anew

And love and dreams then need be redefined


The pain of love makes roads so long and hard

And all the broken hearts will travel far

Meaghan Scheffler, 3rd Place, High School Division

Millard North High School, Grade 9

Rhonda Betzold, Teacher




And as the sun begins to set so slow,

I close my eyes and picture his cute face,

But I struggle to even say hello

And when I see him my heart starts to race


Why must I do this every single time?

It must be a disease that can't be cured.

Our conversations can't be worth a dime;

I think he knows but I can not be sure.


They say shy girls don't ever get the guys;

I hope he oversees this wall I build.

I want to stop but can't ignore those eyes,

If they so glance at me I will be thrilled


And as the sun begins to rise awake

I think I might regret this chance I take.

Danielle Rue - 4th Place, High School Division

Ralston High School, Grade 11

Jeff Lacey, Teacher


Late Sunday Night


Frustration! I hate this blockage of thought.

White page, pen in hand with nothing to write.

I crumple the paper. Now I'm distraught.

Time races by, unconcerned with my plight.


Stupid! Procrastination never ends well.

Now think, quickly now, force it if you must.

Where are you, Creativity? Farewell,

Sweet A-Plus. I fear my brain will combust.


I could always quit, but I am not weak!

I write some nonsense to take up some space

And pray my teacher will think it's unique.

Quite honestly, I think it's a disgrace.


Despite the troubles I have faced today,

I will procrastinate on my essay.

Winner - Adult Division
Stephen M. Tefft - First Place, Adult Division

Omaha, Nebraska





Two little boys march out of doors to play.

The blue and cloudless sky won't be denied.

But puddles still remain from yesterday

When crashing thunder caused them both to hide.


The rain has filled the sandbox like a flood

And so they jump and splash and soak their shoes.

Their ankles up past knees covered in mud,

They grin a grin designed to beat the blues.


Then, all across the yard, from house to fence,

They suddenly decide they need to run.

And to their own imagined audience

They dance and sing a song up to the sun.


There's nothing that can make a heart rejoice

More than the summer play of little boys.
Honorable Mentions

Alex Allbery - Honorable Mention, High School Division

Millard North High School, Grade 9

Rhonda Betzold, Teacher




For fourteen years, we've been insep'rable

The mem'ries, secrets shared, and pinky swears

Time with you now scarce but valu'ble

I didn't realize how much I would care


Big sister, please don't leave for college yet

Together, we have places still to see

Songs to sing, trouble to make, tears to shed

Just one night you're away is misery


Your future absence aches this fragile heart

Beyond my sister, you're my other half

Don't forget to call ev'ry day apart

I know I'll miss your smile, voice, and laugh


I want you to know you're exceptional

Role model, best friend, irreplac'ble

Ali Huff - Honorable Mention, High School Division

Ralston High School, Grade 11

Jeff Lacey, Teacher


Fade to Fall


Summer fades, days grow dark, surroundings gray.

A fate we can't escape, yet strive to change.

So long sweet summer; we part with dismay.

The day you left my world was rearranged.


We weren't meant to last, yet hopes soared high;

Entangled in romance, I felt alive.

Blind to our destiny -- saying goodbye.

Now my heart's empty, emotions deprived.


Without holding back, I gave it my all.

Took chances on fate, took chances on you.

Goodbye almost-lover, you fade to fall.

You meant more to me than you ever knew.


Forever scarred by summer's swift withdrawal.

Goodby almost-lover, you fade to fall.