ON TOUR IN 2019:

Each year, during the months of September and October, thousands of students are introduced to Shakespeare when we take Shakespeare's work into the classrooms and communities of Nebraska. For middle and high school teachers, Shakespeare On Tour supports and enriches their work in the classroom. Our full cast, accompanied by stage and road managers, meet early every morning and head out to school auditoriums across the state. Morning and afternoon performances can be scheduled to accommodate a school's own needs. The performance can be staged in a variety of settings including gymnasiums, classrooms, community centers, public parks, and intimate community theaters and is recommended for groups of 200 or more.

A Fully-Produced Play
Designs that accommodate a touring production while retaining the artistic integrity to which our audiences are accustomed.

Post-Performance Discussions
Interactive post-show discussions cover topics including plot, genre, style, text analysis, and vocabulary.

Workshops teach through active engagement and direct connection to the performance, relating each lesson to the play still fresh in the students' minds. Learn More.

Study Guide
activities for the classroom that can be used to prepare for the performance or after the performance to deepen students' understanding and engagement with the play.

FOR MORE INFORMATION or to bring Nebraska Shakespeare to your school or community, contact Katie Becker Colón, Director of Education, at katie@nebraskashakespeare.com

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