The following sonnets were selected as winners of the 22nd annual Sonnet Writing Contest.

Middle School Division Winner

Sleep Little Sheep

By: Jack Bonebrake, Grade 8

Christ the King

High School Division Winner

Helena's Song

By: Issac Ayers, Grade 12


Adult Division Winner


By: John Marmaro

Spring Hills, FL

Over the long majestic stretch of land

The animals are running ever free

Through the hills and plains and the dunes of sand

The safe harbor answers my weary plea. 

Leave your town where there is naught left to do.

Look towards this land I invite thee to come.

Believe me there is safety for you too.

However it is not destined for some. 

The people who sit upon might thrones

Will be too blind to see the happy shores

They wither away in their mortal bones

They lock themselves and their greed in their stores

But still urges through the land happiness

Of the people enjoying Heaven's kiss. 

I am a fool for loving thee, good sir,

But full of joy I undertake the part. 

Do what I can, I'll make thy passions sir.

You see love's end, but I am at its start.

As thou art dear, I fawn o'er thee all day.

Be thou a branch? I'll pine for thee all eve!

If thou wert air, I'd breath in deep and say

To all the world, "His shall I achieve!"

And yet, if thy cold glance I cannot melt,

Then for my sake and honor, I will not

Spend one more second of my time, unfelt,

In chase of thee. My love is quick forgot.

If you be fool enough to spurn my care

Just let me know! No time will I waste here! 

You ask what poetry can mean to me --
No glib reply will leap forth from my tongue.
As well to ask if food and drink might be
Of any use! I reckon it among

The minimum necessities of life.
A poem can affect us many ways --
Caress like a lover, cut like a knife,
Cajole, instruct, enthuse, amuse, amaze,

Can take us places we have never been,
And show us sights out eyes will never see,
Or like some fairy godmother or jinn
Transform us into what we'll never be.

For poetry can soothe, enrage, extol,
Engage one's mind, or plumb one's very soul.